Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day One...

Ok, let's do this! Where to start? Is this more private than facebook or more reveling? Do I need to be honest at all times or do I put out there what is expected? Political? Topical? Whimsical? Maybe I should go check out what others have decided? Maybe I'll just wing it for awhile.

We all know the first thing is to get some of my pictures up here. I never go anywhere without them. My camera and lately my phone camera are with me most of the time. I could probably identify any intruder from the pictures I would take as they ran from my home...any time day or night! I'd be the one to take the husband would sleep through the whole incident!

Enough for now, need to get back to life and being a woman that means six different things need done all at the same time. When my grandma died there was dusting that needed done. She has been gone twenty five years and dusting is one of my six things that needs done. Until I die I guess I still have to do it.


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